The WiseEye SmartCam is the only trail camera that can link to HuntControl automatically. HuntControl will work with any brand camera by uploading images from the SD card. However, with the SmartCam, HD pics are sent directly into the HuntControl account where they are automatically sorted by species and activity charts are created.

HuntControl automatically sorts and categorizes images by species to help save more time from sorting through useless pictures. 

Our Artificial Intelligence software looks through thousands of pictures in just a few minutes and allows you to save hours and hours. 

Also after sorting the pictures HuntControl immediately gathers weather data and creates charts and graphs to help you understand the activity at your camera. 

TRY IT TODAY! All plans include a 14 day free trial that allows you to try all features with no risk. 

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Sort and pattern by bucks only and find your trophy deer faster. HuntControl automatically sorts out antlered deer so that you can easily find them later on. An antler icon will be displayed in the top left corner of the thumbnail image. Create activity charts using Bucks Only data to pattern and predict buck movements.

Once pictures are added to the account, HuntControl will automatically download the weather conditions for when that picture was taken. The weather is then presented in an easy to understand format under each individual picture. Also, the the weather data from each picture is used in the activity charts to make the information more useful for you. 

The following weather is downloaded with each picture:

  • Temperature
  • Relative Humidity
  • Barometric Pressure
  • Wind Speed
  • Wind Direction
  • Moon Phase
  • Sunrise Time
  • Sunset Time
  • Weather Conditions (sunny, cloudy, etc.)
  • And More…

You finally find “that” animal. Maybe you have been looking at it on cameras for years, just waiting for the perfect chance. Easily tag that animal using HuntControl so that you can recall images of the tag whenever you want.

Now you can also generate charts based on your tags. So all of the activity charts can be edited to only show information relevant to that one animal that you want this year. 


HuntControl’s easy to read charts unlock the data from your trail camera. Never guess where to hunt again. Understand your deer herd and their movements.

The Activity Charts include:

  • Summary of Animal Activity
  • Camera Activity
  • Daily/Monthly Animal Activity
  • Weather Based Activity
    • Temperature
    • Wind Direction
    • Wind Speed
    • Moon Phase
    • Barometric Pressure

You don’t have to buy the newest or most expensive trail cameras to pattern your deer. HuntControl works with any camera that uses an SD card, which is most of the cameras on the market today. HuntControl is also integrated into our cellular camera; SmartCam.

HuntControl gives data that most have never seen. Outside of trophy hunting ranches most people have never scouted with this amount of data before. All of this data is great, but we thought it would be even better to narrow it all down to the simplest form. 

The BEST TIME feature allows you to see what the best time to hunt that camera based on the recent activity on the camera. You can also select all cameras to see the best time to hunt your property.

The BEST TIME feature is available for deer, hog, and turkey. Filter down the Best Time by Camera, Camera Groups, Tag, and Date Range.

HuntControl works with all mobile and computer devices. All you need is an internet connection to upload your images and view your charts. 

We keep all of your data protected. We know that you want to keep your favorite hunting location secret, no problem. Your information will never be shared with anyone. All of your data is password protected so you don’t have to share. 


Please email us at if you have any questions regarding security or privacy.

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