How it Works

From Trail Camera to Data in 4 Steps

Step 1: Create a Camera

Create a camera to associate with your pictures. Use GPS coordinates or  search on an interactive satellite map to get the location exact. 

The camera name is your choice, choose something to help you remember important details about that location. 


Step 2: Upload Photos

Using your computer, phone or tablet, upload the photos from your SD card directly to your camera on HuntControl.

HuntControl will use the latest AI technology to sort all of your pictures, gather relevant weather data about the images and create charts and graphs all automatically. 

Step 3: View & Tag Photos

Easily view your images in a simple and clean layout. 

View the weather data for each image including temperature, conditions, RH, barometric pressure, moon phase and more. 

HuntControl's Antler Assist technology helps you by tagging your images that have antlers.

Screen Shot 2020-08-07 at 11.04.19 AM

Step 4: View Your Data

See Charts and Graphs that are easy to read and relevant to you. 

  • Deer Activity by Hour, Day and Month.

  • Deer Activity by Temperature

  • Deer Activity by Wind Speed

  • Deer Activity by Camera

  • Best Time to Hunt

  • New Charts added often

To learn how to set up a SmartCam tap HERE.

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