How It Works

Create an Account and
Add Cameras

Add a SmartCam or any other brand trail camera to HuntControl. Use the SmartCam's built-in GPS coordinates or search on an interactive satellite map to get the exact location of the trail camera. 

The camera name is your choice, choose something to help you remember important details about that location. 

Receive Photos

Set your SmartCam or trail camera out and let it take photos. The more images of the target animal it gets the more data HuntControl can collect. 

HuntControl will use the latest AI technology to sort all of your pictures, gather relevant weather data, and create charts and graphs all automatically. 

View & Tag Photos

Easily view your images in a simple and clean layout. 

View the weather data for each image including temperature, conditions, RH, barometric pressure, moon phase and more. 

Filter your images down by species, cameras, tags, and MORE! 

Screen Shot 2022-01-17 at 1.40.18 PM


HuntControl automatically creates activity charts from your images. Pattern deer, hogs, and turkeys by time of day, weather, moon phase and more! No more reading articles on when to hunt, know when and where to go instantly with HuntControl's activity charts.


HuntControl looks at future weather to determine the best days to hunt based on your past animal movements. Let HuntControl tell you the best days for activity or you can  predict animal movements based on factors you choose. The stars, numbering 0-3, will tell you the poorest days for movement and the best days. 

See For Yourself!

This just scratches the surface of what HuntControl can do! Learn more by watching the video tutorials or simply choose the Free Trial and see how HuntControl’s patented technology can increase your success level!

To learn how to set up a SmartCam tap HERE.

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