Testing the connection between your SmartCam and HuntControl

*Instructional video at the bottom

Step 1: Double Check

It sounds silly, but a lot of times it’s something as simple as a missed number or the wrong info was typed in. Let’s double check to see if your HuntControl account is properly set up and that the correct IMEI number is in your account. Note: All of these steps are for computers and not the mobile app. 

Step 1: A

Let’s make sure you’ve created your HuntControl account correctly and added the correct info. Log in to your account and click on the Profile tab. On the right side under the “Stripe Subscription” section, click on Go To Customer Portal. From there, verify you’re on the correct plan and have the correct amount of SmartCam’s to your account. 

Trophy Hunter Plan SS

Step 1: B

Next, go to the Cameras/Map tab and be sure that the correct IMEI number was entered into HuntControl. When you added your cameras to HuntControl you should have been prompted to enter the SmartCam’s IMEI number. Sometimes typing this long number in can be tricky and it’s easy to miss type it. The number is located on the SmartCam box, and on the SmartCam itself above the display screen. Double check to see if these numbers were plugged into your account correctly. 

Step 2: Turn the SmartCam to SETUP

Once you know that your HuntControl account was properly created and the cameras were added to the account correctly, you can turn to the SmartCam. 12 AA’s (SmartCam), 8 AA’s (Mini) or a 12v external power source (Solar Panel or Power Pack) along with a 32GB SD card or smaller (Be sure the SD card is formatted in the camera). Next, turn the SmartCam on to the SETUP position. Let the Camera power up and find a cell signal and/or GPS location. (Note: The Mini does not have a built-in GPS) 

Step 3: Take A Picture

Once the SmartCam has acquired a signal and/or GPS location, tap the OK button to manually take a picture. Watch for a send succeed message (SmartCam) or a green check mark (Mini) to see if the picture sent successfully. If the photo sent successfully, move on to Step 4. If it says send failed, please be sure that the camera has enough signal. If you believe there is enough signal, be sure that the SD card is 8-32GB and try Formatting the card again. If the “send failed” message continues, please contact us.

Step 4: Check HuntControl

The picture should show up in the HuntControl account within minutes. Be sure to look in the Other category, or in the All Images folder for the image. If you’re logged in to the HuntControl App a notification of the Image being received should appear. If you’re still having trouble, watch the video below or contact us and we’d be glad to help!